Transfer of a New Deed Ownership. 

Some people might require to carry out changes in the ownership of your assets. In case you have owned property in your separate name, and you are newly-married and wish to include your wife as a part owner of the property, what you would do is create a new deed which would include her as a new part owner of that particular property. Usually, a Quit Claim Deed is applied in doing that. In this situation, the title of this asset would then be under your name as well as our life as Community Property with Right of Survivorship. In that particular scenario, in case either party dies, the property can go directly to the surviving spouse without any court probate action.  Learn more about metairie title companies, go here. 

A Deed is defined as a legal document which transfers ownership or an ownership interest in a home, parcel of land or even a commercial building to another individual, living trust, trust, partnership, corporation, Limited Liability Company or any other legal entity which might be owning property under the law of that particular state. The state holds jurisdiction for Real Property located in that particular state. Find out for further details on commercial real estate new orleans  right here. 

On the Deed, there is the description of the address, and must also contain the legal description that legally the property typed or printed on the Deed. The party giving the Deed transfer is known as the "Grantor" whereas the party which is receiving the Deed transfer is referred to as "Grantee."  

The document highlights all the names of the parties which are involved in the real estate transfer. After the signing of the Deed, it is then recorded by the County Recorder in the County of Record and made part of the public record. At that point, any member of the public can view the deed transfer when they go through the public records. 

There are numerous forms of Deeds with which real estate property is transferred. For instance, a warranty deed guarantees that the "Grantor" has the ownership of the title whereas the quitclaim deed just transfers the interest in the real property which a Grantee has. A lot of married couples usually hold a title to real property categorized under community property with the right of survivorship. Individuals who are not married can possess real estate ownership as Joint Tenants with the right of survivorship. That implies that in case one party dies, then the other party`s ownership interest will go directly to the surviving partner or spouse. Take a look at this link  for more information.